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WFH 2022 Definition


What does WFH mean?


WFH used to mean "working from home"

WFH in 2022 (and beyond) means "working from Hawaii" or "working from home from Hawaii"

Live in beautiful Ko Olina on Oahu and keep your mainland job! We have 2br + den & 3br fully furnished rental villas with FAST wifi & real desks (no more kitchen table!). Perfectly setup for WFH (work from hawaii from home) & Remote or Home School.

Check out our FAQ & recent articles about WFH (working from Hawaii) and then contact us to check availability for your perfect villa in paradise!

Fortune Magazine - Hawaii seeks to be seen as a remote workplace with a view 

FAQ about moving to Hawaii for work from home in Hawaii or remote school from Hawaii:

Getting Here

What is it like to travel to Hawaii during COVID-19?

Currently there are no travel restrictions due to covid. Please review the state’s Safe Travels site while planning your trip.

Work Productivity

What time zone is Hawaii in?

Hawaii is GMT-10, which is currently 2 hours behind California and 5 hours behind New York. This means that you can be done with work pretty early and still enjoy plenty of daylight for heading to the beach, hiking or sightseeing on beautiful Oahu.

Finding a Place to Live

Which neighborhood is right for me?

Picking the best neighborhood for you will depend on your interests and desire for convenience. Here’s a rough breakdown of some of the neighborhoods in Oahu:

  • “West Oahu” (Ko Olina & Kapolei): Some of the most beautiful beaches on the island are on the west side. Weather can be hot and dry. Ko Olina is home to the Four Seasons Oahu, the Disney Aulani Resort, the Ko Olina Marina, the Ko Olina Golf Course, the Marriott Beach Club Villas and a host of fantastic restaurant's (Roy's, Monkeypod to name a few!). Ko Olina's neighbor city of Kapolei (a few short miles away) is also a newer area with modern infrastructure (Costco, Target, shopping, etc). Check out our beautiful 2 +den & 3br villas.

  • “Town” (Waikiki, Kakaʻako, downtown Honolulu): This is the most urban part of Oʻahu. Mostly condos, with many options for food, shopping and nightlife. Close to fantastic (and famous) calm beaches, but can be crowded.

  • “East Oʻahu” (Diamond Head, Kahala, Hawaii Kai): Upscale residential neighborhoods about 15–20 minutes east of Town. Slightly less accessible to beaches.

  • “Central Oʻahu” (Aiea, Pearl City, Mililani, Waipio): Middle-class residential communities which trade distance to the beach for more living space, lower prices, and in the case of Mililani, lower temperatures. Good for families, especially with stronger public schools in the area.

  • “Windward” (Kailua, Waimanalo, Kaneohe): Beautiful, residential beach communities. This side of the island tends to be rainier, which also means it’s more lush and green. 30+ minutes east of Town.

  • “North Shore” (Laie, Haleʻiwa, Waialua): Famous surfing community located in the countryside that is mostly quiet except for when there are big swells. Lots of beautiful beaches, but farther away from food and shopping. 1+ hour from Town depending on traffic.

Do I need a car?

A car is recommended for getting around the island (4-wheel drive not necessary). You have the following options for finding a car depending on your length of stay:

  • Rent from an agency: ~$1000/month if you rent from the typical car rental agencies. Use Discount Hawaii Car Rental to get a quote, or call up individual agencies to see if they’ll offer a deal for longer-term rentals. Also check out Turo for peer-to-peer renting.

  • Rideshare: There is Uber, Lyft, and Biki Bikes.

  • Rent privately: If you have friends or contacts on the island, you can try to rent privately to save a little money.

  • Ship your car: If you plan to stay for more than 3 months, then shipping your car might be a better option. Shipping rates from California to Oahu are about ~$1500 each way.

  • Buy a used car: Buying a local-used car is another good option for those staying longer than 3 months. You can find used cars on Craigslist for $4–10K. Make sure to check the vehicle on Carfax and see it in-person beforehand.

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